Yesterday I had a health scare. I was in the grocery shop with my 10 year old daughter and I developed a strong pain around my heart and chest. I was almost paralysed by the intensity. Without panicking I called to my daughter and drove home. I told her to very quickly feed the chickens but I didn’t tell her why. I knew I would be going to hospital. I seriously thought I was having a heart attack.

I called out to my husband and calmly told him to drive me to the hospital. I didn’t want to call an ambulance as they would take me to logan hospital, not a place I would want to visit again any time soon. 

Arriving at Redlands hospital and in no time I had an ECG, bloods and many other tests. With in an hour they were able to determine it wasn’t heart failure. I had a chest x-ray to discover I had popped a rib. I had the same injury over 18 months ago when horse riding. This time I wasn’t horse riding, just walking around the supermarket. Apparently when your pregnant your soft tissue becomes more pliable causing this old injury to re surface.

Seriously one of the scariest things I have been through, we thought we were going to lose the baby. 

I am so proud the way my husband and daughter conducted themselves. Very cool under pressure. Its intense moments like these that makes you appreciate your family even more.

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Jonesing around? Odd right? Yeah well that was the name of my first newspaper column in a student magazine and obviously Foxy Mumma was already taken... (joking). About me...well I'm in my 30's, very close to been married (haven't organised the wedding yet), have a beautiful daughter, fantastic partner and a tribe of pets. I am a graphic designer and a wanna be journalist. Turns out you need to write and write and write, then write some more to get noticed so I decided to kick off a blog...the other reason is I just discovered my eight year old daughter has a blog and I didn't want to seem old or without blog. If you hadn't noticed I also consider myself a comedian.

One response to “Proud”

  1. Moya O'Keeffe says :

    Don’t usually mess about with facebook, but got interested when you commented about feeling pregnant. Congrats to you both, and Kaitlin of course. Will have to start on another quilt. How long have I got?????

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