Photo Challenge: Thankful

Photo Challenge: Thankful

Thankful for a healthy, happy daughter with her equally happy chickens.

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About jonesingaround

Jonesing around? Odd right? Yeah well that was the name of my first newspaper column in a student magazine and obviously Foxy Mumma was already taken... (joking). About me...well I'm in my 30's, very close to been married (haven't organised the wedding yet), have a beautiful daughter, fantastic partner and a tribe of pets. I am a graphic designer and a wanna be journalist. Turns out you need to write and write and write, then write some more to get noticed so I decided to kick off a blog...the other reason is I just discovered my eight year old daughter has a blog and I didn't want to seem old or without blog. If you hadn't noticed I also consider myself a comedian.

2 responses to “Photo Challenge: Thankful”

  1. 76sanfermo says :

    Beautiful take of a beautiful daughter,really! Congrats for your work and your skill.

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