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Yesterday I finished work as usual, a little stressed because of a few morons I have to deal with but nothing out of the ordinary, just follow on crap from the previous Friday battling the ego’s of giants. I just got around the corner and a white van was speeding down the hill towards me. A few meters away he swerved abruptly towards me. I screamed and drove up over the curb onto someones lawn. The guy only realized what was doing on when his tyre hit the curb on my side of the road. He looked up in horror and violently turned his van back to the other side of the road. Missing me and my car by the skin of my teeth!

I sat there is disbelief for a few seconds and looked in my mirror. It took this guy a took 5 meters to stop. This was a 60 zone around the corner from a school so he was driving recklessly. He started to drive off then decided to turn back to me. I sat there looking at him. A man in his 40’s who looked as shocked as I did or was he high on something? Either way he asked if I was ok and and said yes and he apologized before driving off. He explained he had a bug in his eye but it looked more like he dropped something or was texting on his phone. Still in shock I didn’t have the logic to think of getting his license plate until it was too late.

I was really rattled but soon got going again because I had to get my daughter from school. Then the tears started. I nearly lost everything important to me in a few seconds because of someone else’s recklessness. My immediate thoughts were of my daughter, husband and unborn baby. Not work, bills or money….

Interesting isn’t it how you can get so wound up in material bullshit when all that really matters is those you love. I can tell you I drove like a ninja on my way to work today and that hyper-vigilance has kicked in when ever I get in my car. It will eventually wear off and I will go back to my normal way of driving until the next nut job that tries to take me out.

Love thy family people, you never know what day will be your last.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

5 months pregnant – loving the glow :)

Well baby, there is no turning back now!

I recently had my 20 week ultrasound to check out baby. My last baby was close to 11 years ago and the technology has evolved so much! My first baby the scan was a grainy black and white thing that the radiographer pointed out various body parts and you pretty much had to take their word for it as you lay there squinting. Now day they are able to see everything! Checking to see if everything is OK we saw the heart pumping, all the developed organs, bones, skull, spine, brain and the list goes on. I’m still amazed.

My husband an I could have spent all day watching baby kick around and grab its legs and even at one point it looked like it was giving us all the finger! They also have the 3D scan which I have to admit I don’t like all that much. It gives you a good outline but also make baby look somewhat demonic!


As you can make out baby is kicking back with legs crossed and hands touching legs. Or it looks like some kind of alien from deep space! Whatever is in there its over 20 weeks so there is no going back now, we are officially over half way. Baby and host are doing well or as my husband calls baby the ‘latcher’ and my belly the ‘biosphere’…He cracks himself up over that one.

We both didn’t want to know the sex of the baby and by both I mean I definitely didn’t want to know and husband said he didn’t but really did want to know…Unfortunately for me the very detailed scan showed the sex and now we know. We have only told close friends and family and the rest of the world will have to wait. I was surprised at the amount of people that do find out what they are having and their reasoning is: ‘If we know the sex we know what name to pick, colour of the clothes, how to decorate the room and what sex nappy to buy.’ I think its sad that your one true great surprise in this world has to be known early so they can plan. Everyone that has had a baby knows how quickly plans can go flying out the window. I never found out for my first and bought the brightest clothing I could find, decorated the room with animals of all descriptions (the brighter the better), bought uni sex nappies and picked out a boy and girl name prior to having the baby. No big deal!

Its really disappointing that in the year 2014 we are still resorting to pink for a girl and blue for boy. Seriously? How can we expect our girls and boys to break their molds when we have set them in stone the day they are born? My first baby was a very premature and perfect baby girl. My favorite outfit for her was a blue jumpsuit with sea horses. The backlash I had from complete strangers in the street was horrifying! I would walk down the street with her in the pram and people would stop and say oh what a beautiful boy! I’d politely say thank you but she is a girl. To which I would get ‘well why is she in blue? Blue is for boys! You should put her in pink!’ I would normally say but I like blue and why should one colour define my baby? This was way too confusing for some people and after a few months I gave up communicating with strangers that would stop me because I would rather come across as rude than waste my time explain and justifying my choice. I also have to point out the strangers that were approaching me were all women and mothers!

One day I was at the shops and an elderly lady stopped me and said ‘oh what a beautiful little girl! I just love her outfit, where did you get it?’ I was blown away! The first person out of about 100 that liked what I chose to dress my child in! Which was a green and blue outfit a friend had made for her. I told the lady a friend made it. She said she was so happy to see a mother breaking the gender stereo type. She tried the same some 50 years earlier and met with a mass of disappointed looks many from…you guessed it other women and mothers!

So ladies…we are all entitled to our opinions and have our own methods of raising our babies and juggling the many responsibilities in life. So how about we support each other instead of bitching each other out because someones choice is different! Don’t get me wrong I have friends and family that put their babies in pink or blue, I respect that and move on. You should too :)

Pets are best

We live on a small hobby farm and have a large amount of pets. Mainly chickens and ducks. For my Chirstmas and Birthday present, hubby and daughter bought me an Alexandrine parrot. All those familiar with my blog know I lost my last Alexandrine, Angus, to a goanna on the 1st of January 2013. We were all devastated.

I’m really happy to have another as they have so much personality and attitude! I named him Dexter, he is so much fun! So much so I have created a Facebook page for him to share with the world. Check it out:


My Baby is home!

Technically not a baby anymore, she is turning 11 this year but still she is my only child for now. She left for holidays with her father on 21st of December. Spent Christmas with him and his family in central Qld. Spent New Years with my parents at Boyne, then back to her dad with a quick stop at Gracemere then on their way to Townsville. I hated not having her with me for Christmas and my birthday and was the first time ever I haven’t spent it with her or at least seen her for half a day.

Last weekend she flew to Boyne and spent the last week with my parents and her uncle and cousin. She arrived home yesterday thanks to her uncle and we collected her late in the afternoon.

I am surprised at how much more relaxed I feel. Since having her home I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Life will slowly get back to normal until next Christmas. This year she is not leaving my side for Christmas as it will be our first Christmas with baby and a special time for my daughter who has waited for 10 years to have a sibling…..


It’s my Birthday!

That’s right December 31st is my birthday. I am usually excited but this year has been somewhat depressing. Personally many great things have been accomplished but I still feel down. I doesn’t help that my husbands father died on this day 3 years ago. So I can’t expect any excitement form him as he morns another year. It makes it tough.

My daughter is away and I think times like this you really wish they were home with you. Being pregnant doesn’t help because emotions are running wild at the best of times. We are all looking forward to a great 2014. Our baby will be here mid year! We re all excited.

Here is to a happy new year and an awesome 2014!




Yesterday I had a health scare. I was in the grocery shop with my 10 year old daughter and I developed a strong pain around my heart and chest. I was almost paralysed by the intensity. Without panicking I called to my daughter and drove home. I told her to very quickly feed the chickens but I didn’t tell her why. I knew I would be going to hospital. I seriously thought I was having a heart attack.

I called out to my husband and calmly told him to drive me to the hospital. I didn’t want to call an ambulance as they would take me to logan hospital, not a place I would want to visit again any time soon. 

Arriving at Redlands hospital and in no time I had an ECG, bloods and many other tests. With in an hour they were able to determine it wasn’t heart failure. I had a chest x-ray to discover I had popped a rib. I had the same injury over 18 months ago when horse riding. This time I wasn’t horse riding, just walking around the supermarket. Apparently when your pregnant your soft tissue becomes more pliable causing this old injury to re surface.

Seriously one of the scariest things I have been through, we thought we were going to lose the baby. 

I am so proud the way my husband and daughter conducted themselves. Very cool under pressure. Its intense moments like these that makes you appreciate your family even more.


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